03. God or Mammon?

January 14, 2018

13.  Christian Living

December 24, 2017

Romans 14-15:  Continuing the practical side of religion, Paul delves into smaller issues to illustrate the largest issue of “How is one saved?” Watch and find out!


12.  Overcoming Evil with Good

December 17, 2017

Romans 12-13:  After some episodes on theory, Paul now talks about practical issues.  Join this episode for some pragmatic tips on spiritual living, obedience, and true expressions of faith.


11.  The Elect

December 10, 2017

Romans 10:  Does God choose one group above another?  For what purpose does He choose them?  Why?  How does one get into the more favorable group?


10.  Children of the Promise

December 3, 2017

Romans 9:  Where is the role of free will and choice?  Does God really hate those one group?  Join the discussion of this very difficult chapter in the book of Romans.


9.  No Condemnation

November 26, 2017

Romans 8:  With all the anxiety of the chapter 7, this lesson discovers the answer in chapter 8 conversing about the grace, freedom, and obedience of God’s law.


8.  The Man of Romans 7

November 19, 2017

Romans 7:  Was Romans 7 talking about a bad man wanting to be good, or a good man lamenting he was still bad?  What’s the larger point of this beautiful chapter?