7.  Overcoming Sin

November 12, 2017

Romans 6:  Join this practical discussion on overcoming sin, following Romans 6. Commonly understood as sanctification, learn the process by which we reflect the character and goodness of God.


6. Adam and Jesus

November 5, 2017

Romans 5:  Follow this profound study, talking about what Adam did for us and what Jesus did and continues to do for us.


5. The Faith of Abraham

October 29, 2017

Romans 4:  The Letter to the Romans talks about how humanity is saved, but suddenly talks about an ancient Hebrew father.  Who is this Abraham and why is this Old Testament character so emphasized in the New Testament?


4.  Justification by Faith

October 22, 2017

Romans 3:  Justification by faith is the work of God first, to lay whatever humanity can do to dust, and second, to do what humanity cannot do for itself.  Find out about God’s compassionate plan to save human kind.


3.  The Human Condition

October 15, 2017

Romans 2:  There is one religious belief that needs no evidence or reasoning.  It is the human condition.  Who is vulnerable and how do we get ourselves out?


2:  The Controversy

October 8, 2017

The background of the letter to the Romans was controversy – the Jerusalem Council.  Find out what the issues were, why they matter, and how they affect us today.


1. The Apostle

October 1, 2017

Paul the Apostle changed the face of religion, society, economics, and law.  Join this Bible study on the author of Romans and why he wrote this powerful letter.


Boasting in the Cross

September 24, 2017

The Gospel and the Church

September 17, 2017

Living by the Spirit

September 10, 2017